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Vidooly Strengthens Position In The Indian Streaming Landscape, Acquires iCouchApp

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Video analytics service Vidooly has acquired over the top content startup, iCouchApp. The acquisition will grant Vidooly access to all of iCouchApp’s assets and intellectual properties.

Considering that media streaming over the phone is still a relatively new thing for India, a brief introduction of iCouchApp and what it actually does seems to be in order.

The iCouchApp is a service that acts as a interface of sorts between users and streaming services, allowing them to discover and track their favorite shows. The app thus grants media entities the ability to run the show from their own over the top content apps.

Although relatively new, iCouchApp had managed to gather a significant following and has almost 1.5 million subscribers. The company’s technology is behind the content streaming apps of prominent channels, including Zee TV and HistoryTV18.

The company figured prominently on the startup scene and was part of India’s oldest accelerator, Morpheus Gang. Its parent company iNiD Digimedia Private Limited had generated funds from various quarters, including from Google India MD Rajan Anandan, Srikant Sastri, Mumbai Angels and Hyderabad Angels.

Speaking about the topic, Nishant Radia-Co founder of Vidooly said

“Vidooly’s aim is to provide intelligent data on the entire ecosystem of online video. We are already doing that with the likes of Youtube, Facebook video and other online video platforms. Since mobile consumption is growing exponentially, iCouchApp’s expertise in the OTT segment will allow Vidooly to provide actionable data across VOD platforms and embrace the trend of mainstream TV going online”

Folks at the iCouchApp seemed similarly excited at the prospect of association with Vidooly, the first service of its kind in the country.

Rabi Gupta,Co-founder of iCouchApp said

“Over the years our technology has enabled us to bring immersive and engaging experiences of the traditional TV to the web. With this acquisition we see Vidooly being able to scale our technology much beyond TV to the domain of massively popular online video. Hence we found a natural fit for our product in Vidooly.”

With Nertflix entering the country, the streaming scene is set to undergo a revolution. With 120K videos uploaded every month through it’s network and an additional 500 million analyzed every month, Vidooly is slated to become one of the leaders in the niche. The iCouchApp acquisition is bound to prove very helpful in the same direction.

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