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IDC Report Puts India As One Of The Fastest Growing Smartphone Markets In The Asia Pacific

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An International Data Corporation (IDC) report has put India as one of the fastest growing markets for smartphones, in the Asia Pacific region, amid the Chinese market rapidly losing its momentum.

As per the said report, India saw a massive 103.6 million devices shipped in 2015. As compared to the performance of the previous year, you have a positive growth of over 28 percent — a significant spike by any standards, but particularly so in the smartphone market which is touted as slowing almost everywhere else.

The increasing numbers can be spread on a quarterly basis. The 4th quarter for example, — which interestingly, was also the one with least sales in 2015 —  saw a total of 25.6 million smartphones shipped in the country. The numbers mark an increase of 15.4 percent as compared to 2014 where 22.2 million units were shipped in the last quarter.

Somewhat surprisingly, despite slow 4G penetration, 4G devices managed to surpass the sale of their 3G counterparts in the last quarter, with almost 14 million shipped units.

Finally, the make in India campaign seems to be bearing fruits. Almost half the devices shipped in the fourth quarter, appeared to have made their way out of manufacturing units situated in the country.

Meanwhile, the ascendency of the online market in the country was reflected in the report on smartphone sales as well. As per Karthik J, senior market analyst, client devices,

The online share of smartphone shipments continued to ramp further as fourth quarter of 2015 saw online mega sales from major e-tailers like Flipkart, Snapdeal and. Amazon,

Of the total sales in the fourth quarter of 2015, over 37 percent stemmed from online retailers, marking an increase of over 2.5 times as compared to last year. A lions share of this increase could be attributed to smartphone models that are exclusive to online shops.

The report also commented upon China and how with the saturation of that market, vendors including domestic players, were shifting their attention to the Indian subcontinent. The retailers are also receiving a warm welcome from the masses, thanks to their robust and technologically advanced devices in the lower price band.


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