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Online Angel Investment Platform Angellist Helped 400+ Startups Raise Close To $160 Million In 2015

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Angellist, the go-to platform for startups looking to raise seed to angel rounds, recently disclosed its year-in-review report. And the stats are impressively impressive. A whopping 441 startups in 2015, raised a staggering $163 Million in initial angel funds through its platform.

The total amount of funds raised came to be $163 million from 3379 investors. This is an increase of over 50% from the last year which saw 2673 investors investing $104 million in 243 companies through Angellist.

Angellist was launched in the year 2010 and serves as the community of early-stage investors and startups looking to raise early-stage angel funding.

Since its inception, it has grown on to become a crucial fundraising platform for startups featuring top investors from the Silicon Valley. The investors include both the individual investors as well as VC firms and investor groups.

The platform has over 170 active investor syndicates- a pool of socially active and well-connected angel investors on its platform. These syndicates also include high-profile venture capital firms such as Sequoia, Khosla Ventures and more.

Out of 441 startups which raised funds on Angellist in 2015, 40% or 170 startups raised a total of $89 million from private deals whereas 40% of rounds included institutional money.

It is not just early stage investments where Angellist has proved its worth. It has also emerged as a popular job advertising platform for the startups.

The company saw about 16,000 active companies and 250,000 actives candidates during the year 2015 on its job portal. The platform matched as many as 548,000 candidates to the companies which were double the number from the previous year.

Another significant milestone for Angellist in 2015 was the $400 Million funding round by China’s third largest private equity firm China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group for its early stage investments.

Outside the US, Angellist is also present in the UK, Canada, Australia, and some parts of Europe. Last year, it also opened its first office at Bengaluru in India to take the advantage of thriving startup ecosystem in the country.


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