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Apple Open-Sources Benchmark Suite Of Swift For Developers

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Apple has open sourced the benchmark suite of its Swift programming language. The suite contains source code for benchmarks, libraries, and utilities which would help the developers to track Swift performance and catch performance regressions before they are committed.

In the announcement made via a blog post, Apple also wrote that they were planning to add support to Swift’s continuous integration system for running benchmarks on pull requests. The benchmarking suite will be available on GitHub under an open source Apache license.

The suite contains 75 benchmarks covering a number of important Swift workloads; libraries which provide commonly needed benchmarking functions; a driver for running benchmarks and displaying performance metrics; and a utility for comparing benchmark metrics across Swift versions.

Swift is the programming language developed by Apple itself and is used for writing the code for the apps in iOS, Mac OS and watch OS. The language was first announced in the year 2014 at Apple’s developer conference.

It was recently open sourced for the developers in order to enable them to create apps for the ecosystem of Apple products running on  iOS, OS X, and WatchOS.

Apple has often termed Swift as Objective-C without the baggage due to a more concise syntax and interactive nature of the language compared to Objective-C.

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