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Adobe launches Animate CC– A Rebraded Successor To Flash Professional

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Adobe has launched the latest version of its animation tool Flash professional, rebranding it as Animate CC, a move which potentially signifies the first ever indications of a declining importance of Flash from its creator too.

Animate CC, like Flash Professional, is used to create high-quality animations for the web but with the support of modern tools such as  native HTML5 Canvas and WebGL support.

HTML5 has become the standard and this reflects the tool’s role.

said Adobe evangelist Paul Trani.

It was announced by Adobe last year in November. It is now officially launched and will be available to the subscribers of the Adobe’s Creative Cloud services.

In addition to the renaming of service, Adobe has also incorporated new features in Animate CC which essentially allows the program to be connected and compatible with the Creative Cloud services.

Apart from its ability to connect with Creative Cloud libraries for sharing content, other new features in Animate CC include built-in Adobe Stock and Typekit support, feature for videos in 4K.

During the time of its launch last year, Adobe had cited the emergence of HTML5 for web content these days which led to the building of Animate CC. “Today, over a third of all content created in Flash Professional uses HTML5, reaching over one billion devices worldwide,” read the announcement in a blog post.

The post had further said that Animate CC would continue to support Flash (SWF) and AIR formats as first-class citizens. Animate CC can also output animations to virtually any format (including SVG), through its extensible architecture.

Along with Animate CC, the company also launched an update to Muse CC, another Creative Cloud service which allows the users to build websites without any coding.

The new update brings a much-awaited feature to allow the users to build responsive sites using Muse CC, i.e, websites which can look right on devices of any size. Other features such as built-in support for CC Libraries, Adobe’s Creative Sync, and Adobe Stock are also included in the new update.


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