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Google Planning A New Virtual Reality Device, May Unveil At I/O Developer Conference This Year

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Virtual reality dreams of Google are far from over. Google glass may have been a disaster but cardboard has performed reasonably well with 5 million devices shipped (disclosed by Google) and Google Cardboard app now available across 100 countries with more than 15 million installs.

Now according to a report by the Financial Times, Google is planning to launch a successor to cardboard with a new VR device. Citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter, the report said that the device will “feature better sensors, lenses, and a more solid plastic casing.”

The device will reportedly be similar to the Samsung Gear VR device, but compatible with a majority of Android phones, unlike the Gear which is compatible with only a few Galaxy devices.

Apparently, the search giant is developing a technology which will be directly embedded into the Android OS,  hence doing away with the need of any external app such as the one needed by Cardboard.

And it goes without saying that the experience is expected to be more detailed and immersive and will also prevent some motion-sickness issues which sometimes crop up during the usage of current VR devices.

This combination of software support and an improved headset will also lead to developers developing more sophisticated apps.

According to the FT report, Google may unveil the new device as early as during the I/O developer conference this year in May and the product may hit the shelves by September. However, there has not been any official confirmation from Google yet on these reports.

But, unlike Apple which has been secretive on its VR efforts, Google has always shown an inclination towards virtual reality.

Recently during the earnings call of Alphabet, Google CEO Sundar Pichai had admitted that Cardboard was “just the first step” in its VR efforts and they were expected by the progress. “Beyond these early efforts, you’ll see a lot more from us and our partners in 2016,” Pichai had said.


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