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Android Wear Gets Gesture Support, Voice Messaging And Speaker Support In Latest Update

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Android smartwatches continue to get more smart with the new updates. Google has has announced another update to its Android Wear smartwatch OS, giving you more support for better caLling. The new improvements include navigation of watches with new gestures, using voice to send messages, and making calls and listening to messages with the speaker support.

The update brings gesture support to the smartwatches allowing the users to scroll cards up and down with the flick of their wrists. They can also expand a card, bring up apps, or return home to the watch face with a push, lift or shake of their wrists.

However, the biggest improvement in the new update is the ability to send messages by voice alone. Users will be able to send messages through apps like Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat or Viber, by calling, “Ok Google, Send a Whatsapp message to Mom: I’ll be late for dinner tonight.”

In addition to it, the update also brings speaker support allowing the users to make and take calls over Bluetooth. They can also listen to audio/video messages by using apps like Glide.

However, for using this feature, one needs to have an android smartwatch with speaker support. For now, only two watches come with a speaker support: the Huawei Watch and the ASUS ZenWatch 2 (49mm).

The new update will roll out to all the Android smartwatches over the next few weeks. The new watches such as  Casio Smart Outdoor Watch and Huawei Watch for Ladies will also receive the new updates.

Android smartwatches may not have got frequent updates as the last major update was announced in April last year which brought WiFi support.

However, they have surely grabbed the attention of many major companies(Samsung, HTC, Sony)  as well as traditional watchmakers such as Tag Heuer, Timex, etc. These companies have launched their own stylish versions of Android smartwatches in order to capture the premium segment of Android wear.


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