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Labour Ministry Partners With Uber To Create Micro-Entrepreneurial Opportunities In India

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Uber’s streak of signing agreements with Government bodies in India just took another, major step. The US based cab hailing app has signed a partnership with the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment to enable people to sign up for driving with Uber via the National Career Service online portal.

The portal is a one-stop shop launched by the Prime Minister to connect those looking for work with career counsellors, placement organizations and employers. So, now Uber will be able to find drivers through a government recognized career portal.

Speaking about the agreement, Shankar Aggarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment said in a prepared statement,

We are pleased to partner with Uber to help people across India to become micro-entrepreneurs as there is a tremendous need for this kind of independent, flexible work.

The Ministry of Labour and Employment wants to encourage micro-entrepreneurship through technology platforms like Uber. Uber is improving job quality by offering an alternative to the growing use of on-call scheduling or zero contracts by employers.

This often leads to a reduction in labour costs as workers are kept on an unpredictable and ever-changing schedule by their employers. With Uber, there is no schedule and one can work when one wants to instead of unpredictable timings of employers.

David Plouffe, Chief Advisor and Member, Board of Directors, Uber said,

It’s great to partner with the government on new work opportunities that go beyond traditional employment. We’re committed to helping many thousands of people become micro-entrepreneurs so they can benefit from the new flexible, independent work that on demand platforms make possible.

To help promote these opportunities, Uber will create a new ‘Start Your Own Business’ page on its website that will market these opportunities. In Uber’s case, this will create an easy way for people signing up to drive with Uber, as well vehicle financing services in case they do not have a car.

Uber might have faced many regulatory hurdles with the government initially but it has virtually overturned that image and has forged numerous notable partnerships with various state Governments. Last year, it signed an MOU with the government of Telangana to create thousands of jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities and setting aside $50 million for investment in a new giant facility in the state.

It also partnered with the TamilNadu Government with an investment of $35 Million which would help it in creating over 30,000 “entrepreneurial opportunities” for drivers in the state.


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