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Ola Expands Its Cab Sharing Feature To Include Pune And Hyderabad

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After joining the ranks of companies offering car pooling through its app, cab aggregator Ola has expanded its service to include Hyderabad and Pune, taking the number of cities it offers its services in, upto 7.

While we don’t need to expound much about the benefits of car sharing, the app grants users in select cities the ability to share their rides with each other and by extension, reduce the overall cost of traveling. Along with saving money, sharing cars leads to less traffic as well as less pollution.

What’s more, groups on the Ola app make the whole process easier by allowing users who traveling on the same routes to share their cab rides with fellow users from identified groups. These groups also let people wary of sharing rides with strangers, limit their cab pooling group to people they know, or at least are on talking terms with.

Summing up the benefits of the move, Ishan Gupta, Category Head – Shared Mobility, said

Shared Mobility is the future of transportation in India. With Ola Share, we are addressing the need for reliable and affordable mobility, at scale. Customers get the convenience of a regular cab ride at lower fares, with the comfort of sharing their rides within identified social groups. It also has far reaching benefits like reduced pollution and congestion free roads that result in cleaner and greener cities.

The option for sharing rides appears under a separate category in the Ola app. The app uses a string of algorithms to match users from common social groups and tries to identify cabs that can be shared by users who are traveling. Once additional users are identified, the driver gets a notification of the same along with pickup details for the same.

Ola share also has state-of-the-art art security features, including Track your Ride, Share Ride Details, SOS, Emergency Contacts, 24×7 Customer Support and In-trip feedback, to make sure that you can have a peaceful ride.

The app should prove to be particularly effective, assuming that other governments take their lead from the Delhi government. However, with enough people sharing resources, the need for such measures should become redundant.

The cab sharing feature is currently limited to a maximum of three user and can be accessed in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune, via the Ola app.


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