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Twitter Continues Experimenting With Its Timeline, Trending Topics Show Up For Some Users

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Twitter loves to experiment, and in perspective of what is happening their right now, the company has to experiment. Along the same stream, the company apparently has an ongoing experiment that has to do with suggestions to the timeline.

Users globally have been seeing groups of tweets on certain topics, come up on their timelines. For example, certain users — including VentureBeat’s Jordan Novet — saw tweets on their timeline under the heading #AusOpen is trending.”

What’s more, in many cases the users were neither particularly interested nor had asked twitter to show them news associated with the topics. So, the mushrooming of these groups of tweets could be laid at Twitters feet — or claws?

Twitter has confirmed that the tweets are a result of an ongoing experiment at the social networking website. However, it is still uncertain if the company will keep this event to experimentation or will go for a global roll out in the near future.

The company seems to have taken a leaf out of Facebook’s book —  is it just me or does that phrase sound a bit strange — with this latest update. Facebook often populates user news feed with stuff that doesn’t have a direct bearing to them or theirs, but is in some way significant or popular globally. The “#AusOpen is trending” may thus be the result of something similar on Twitter’s part.

Although many people — me included — could argue that those wishing to follow an event, could easily do so on their own without any unsolicited help from the company.

It remains to be seen if the company goes for a global rollout or not. A lot would also depend upon the amount of these “trending” tweets. While no one would fancy their feed flooded with them,  controlled amounts — along with their relevance to the user — may just serve to improve the overall experience.


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