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GoGo Becomes The First Indian App To Deploy All Of Twitter’s Fabric SDKs

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GoGo, a recently launched personalised content delivery app for your lockscreens, has claimed the honour of becoming the first in India to implement the full breadth of Twitter’s Fabric software development kits (SDKs) into its systems.

Launched in November last year, the less than 10Mb GoGo specializes in delivering personalized content to user lockscreens. What’s more, users can accumulate GoGo points every time they unlock their device, which are later redeemable for recharges and more.

The fact that it has managed to utilize the full suite of Twitter applications certainly bodes well for the user experience.

Speaking about the milestone, Daman Soni, Co-Founder, GoGo said,

We are delighted to leverage the best technology kits from a globally scaled company to build a world class scalable service for Gogo. Twitter has a strong commitment to working with startups and we will continue to learn from the best and ensure our service is further strengthened and we are able to deliver most relevant content efficiently.

Twitter offers a wide variety of tools to developers that allows them to gain a better understanding of users, leading to improved — and relevant — content and finally resulting in an enhanced influx of cash.

These tools are particularly relevant for growing markets, such as India, where they allow developers get around complicated problems associated with Authentication, Content Delivery and Monetisation — problems that acquire gigantic proportions due to the yet underdeveloped infrastructural facilities available in such places. These issues acquire greater significance when a company expands — understandably increasing the importance of using Twitter SDKs.

Apart from using these tools to solve problems associated with identity verification, app improvement, analytics, content and monetization, GoGo is also paving the way for other startups by working with Twitter teams to discover solutions for India specific issues.

The Twitter Fabric SDKs deployed by the company in its app include Crashlytics, Twitter Kit, Digits and MoPub, while its content aggregation will also use Twitter’s own content stream to stay on top of competition.

The startup has already undergone its seed round and has received the backing of investments from the likes of HT Digital Media Holdings Limited and North Base Media (NBM). The very fact that both of its backers are heavyweights — and in the case of the latter, comprise of media executives from the Wall Street JournalWashington Post and Reuters — is a testament to the potential of the company.

Interested? Want to know more? Click here to learn more about the topic. You can download the GoGo app from the Google Play Store, by clicking right here.

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