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Flipkart Launches A Global Sourcing Platform ‘Flipkart Global’, Offers Sellers Wholesale Prices And More

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Looking to catch up with its competition in the accumulation of seller love, online retail major Flipkart has launched a brand new platform with the aim of letting sellers on its website source products from wholesalers across the world, and at ultra competitive prices too.

Titled Flipkart Global, the new platform has already spent a month in the pilot stage. However, if a presentation which the company has allegedly sent to sellers is any indication, Flipkart is ready to publicly unveil its latest project.

So, what’s this all “global” thing about? As per YourStory, which claims to be in possession of the said document, Flipkart is planning to offer merchants access to a worldwide pool of suppliers.

The document talks about “top quality suppliers from China with “Global Manufacturer Certificate” and promises to provide access to China’s leading online wholesale Marketplaces. However, Flipkart has carefully refrained from mentioning any names — making one wonder if the platform is quite as ready as the company would like sellers to believe.

Be that as may, the platform may just prove to become a merchants delight. Flipkart is offering a whole bunch of benefits of ordering stuff, including more than 8,000 product listings across electronics, lifestyle, home, auto  and kids categories from 30+ international retailers. And that is not even considering the ridiculous difference between piecemeal and wholesale prices.

To take a single example provided by the company in the document received by sellers — Flipkart sells about 80,000 men’s t-shirts on its platform with an average selling price of Rs 350. Quite inexpensive wouldn’t you say? Well, the wholesale price of t-shirts on Flipkart global is around Rs.85.

And to gild the lily, Flipkart promises to personally take care of all the steps until delivery, including the pain-in-the-neck customs clearance.

While Flipkart may have become a household name in India, the one area it severely lacks in is the number of sellers on its platform. Despite immense mass popularity, the company has a seller base of merely 80,000. Way behind competitors such as Snapdeal (around two lakh sellers) and ShopClues (around 3.5 lakh sellers).

Needless to say, the number of sellers on a platform has a direct bearing upon the performance of the platform, since its responsible for a lot of stuff, the variety of merchandise to take a single example. Hence the sudden upsurge of love among online giants for merchants — love which is being expressed in various ways,  be it Snapdeal’s seller dashboard Sherpalo or Paytm’s newly released Paytm Force and now Flipkart Global.

Seems like Flipkart has finally awoken to the necessity to lure sellers — and not just customers — and is taking major pains to make up for its lapse. Let’s see if the lure of drastically reduced wholesale prices, easy doorstep delivery and access to world class wholesellers turns the Indian e-commerce poster boy into the new apple of the Indian merchant’s eyes.


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