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Apple May Introduce Long Distance Wireless Charging To Devices By Next Year

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Apple devices as a rule, lean towards the higher priced end of the spectrum. However, the company offsets pricing issues by loading its gadgets with the latest in technology. Along the same routine, the company has now set its eyes upon integrating wireless charging with its smartphones.

Power issues are some of the greatest worries of smartphone users. As such, a device that could keep replenishing its battery without requiring the user to stand –or sit — near a socket would definitely be received with open arms. Which is why tech giants, including the likes of Samsung Electronics Co., Sony Corp. and Google Incorporated, have been trying hard to make a breakthrough in the field.

Wireless charging however, is proving a tough nut to crack. The main issue plaguing manufacturers is related to the fact that power loss increases drastically with an increase in distance. Not only does this lead to a wastage of power but also results in slower charging. Which is why most companies have still contented themselves with releasing the likes of charging mats — which while better than the socket based version, are still far from wireless charging.

Well, it seems as if Apple is moving seriously into the field now as well. The company already has several related patents under its belt, including one from 2010 which envisaged using an iMac personal computer as a hub for wirelessly recharging at a distance of about 1 meter.

The technique used in the half a decade old patent that never materialized was called as near-field magnetic resonance — although Apple does use something similar to charge its Watch when placed near the charging port. The company has another patent in its possession that could shirk the problem of the device body interfering with charging, by using aluminium casing.

Apple’s various patents seem to put it almost on an even footing — or only a couple of steps behind — with the likes of Semiconductor makers Broadcom Corporation and Qualcomm inc., both of which have been heavily involved with the development of relevant technologies.

This combined with the fact that Apple hasn’t really put much focus on charging mats and the sorts — citing that they still require a wall socket — lends even more weight to rumors of the technology giant working upon wireless charging, with speculations about the market entry of such a device in the near future — in fact, as early as 2017.

The technology would definitely go hand in hand with its range of iPhone, iPads and other devices well and enable it to continue with its mission of charging exorbitant amounts of cash for them. However, before you get too excited about the prospect and start saving, Apple is still assessing the situation and hasn’t made a commitment yet.

Rest assured though, we will keep you updated with the latest news on the topic.


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