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Google Improves Docs, Makes Commenting And Adding People Easier

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Google has recently brought some updates to its docs feature and quite a lot of emphasis has been laid towards improving the facility to comment on docs.

The new version facilitates and shortens the process of commenting by tapping a little floating bubble on the right hand side of the document. Tap it and that’s it, you can a add a new comment.

Next, and this one is pretty cool, you can add people to the chat by typing their names in the comment box. This cuts down the process from tapping the (+) button and them searching for the right contact, by a fair margin. To add people to a conversation, simply start typing their names in the comment box and tap their emails when they come up.

The tech giant has also added the capability to comment on sheets and slides via mobile, to android and iOS platforms. The feature was already available for docs, but it is only now that mobile users will be able to access comments for sheets and slides.

To make things more interesting, Google also has a recipe for zucchini chocolate cake — to commemorate the national chocolate day. Interestingly enough, the development of the recipe was actually how these new features were first tested.

When Jim, one of the engineers on the Google Slides team, brought a zucchini chocolate cake into the office last week, we knew we had to get the recipe. So we asked him and his wife, Alison, to let us in on the family secret — just in time for National Chocolate Cake Day. They worked together in Slides (mobile commenting across Google Docs just launched today!) to perfect the recipe.

So there you have it. Well, if you have anything similar — or different — in mind, that could do with the power of Google docs, sheets or slides, download the latest version of the apps by hopping to Google Play or to Apple’s App Store.

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