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Guvera Joins Hands With, To Provide Music Tracking And Recommendations

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Music and entertainment platform Guvera has announced the enhancement of its applications by an integration with the portal.

The combination is actually quite potent. While Guvera is an up and coming music discovery platform with over 15 million users in 20 international markets, is one of the most popular online portals for music discovery.

Thanks to this integration, users on Guvera can connect and access their account and track the music they are listening to. What’s more, now they can also enjoy personalized music recommendations on the application.

Damien King, CTO, Guvera says that by adding into Guvera’s mix will help enhance the overall user experience and allow avid music lover to Scrobble directly from within the app. He further mentioned about as a “unique platform” for music lovers and technology buffs alike, which is also the reason why Guvera got attracted to forming a partnership with them. . 

The folks over at seemed to be similarly excited at the joint venture. As per Simon Moran, Managing Director of the company,

Guvera is an exciting and innovative streaming platform. Combining the listening habits of Guvera users with’s 60 million engaged music fans will not only provide stronger and more meaningful music discovery and re-discovery, it will also add new music enthusiasts to our community, creating connections and enhancing the experience.

Guvera has left the choice of using — or not using — the new integration, completely up to its users. To enable on its app, simply go to “Settings”, tap on “” and then enter your username and password when prompted.

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