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Curious About Deep Learning ? Learn All About It From Google’s Own On Udacity

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So if you have been curious about Deep Learning, well now is your chance to learn everything about the topic — and that too from Google itself! The search giant has now launched a free course aimed towards explaining the mysteries of the machine learning technique on Udacity.

The company uses deep learning for a whole bunch of things that range from speech recognition to how your pictures are automatically sorted.

The course, which has Google’s principal scientist Vincent Vanhoucke as its main instructor, is aimed mainly at established engineers and data scientists and is expected to take almost 3 months — Assuming that you put in at least 6 hours every week.

According to Vanhoucke the course will make deep learning more accessible.

Reading the flurry of recent popular press around deep learning, you might rightfully wonder: isn’t deep learning just a ‘Big Data’ thing? Don’t I need the computing resources of Google or Facebook to take advantage of it? As someone from industry who accidentally fell into deep learning while working on Google Voice Search just five years ago, I’ve seen how nothing can be further from the truth. At that time, I didn’t use Google’s bazillion machines to get started with deep learning: I bought a modest computer with a GPU.

The course also has a lot of in-depth information about  TensorFlow — Google’s very own machine learning software that it open sourced last November.

Do note though, it is an intermediate to advanced level course offered as part of Udacity’s larger Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program. It assumes you have taken a first course in machine learning, and that you are at least familiar with supervised learning methods. Thus, before you hop on to start learning through this course, you’ll have to do a beginner course of the same.

Anyways, this is interesting from Google. The company certainly seems to be doing all it can to give the public a deeper insight into its workings. The course on deep learning, if we judge from all the curiosity that had been surrounding it of late, is bound to attract many.

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