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Microsoft Slashes Azure Cloud Prices By Upto 17%

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Further proving the intense competition currently on between major cloud service providers, Microsoft has announced a massive 17% cut on its Azue cloud offering. Interestingly, this comes just a week after AWS slashed its prices and announced affodable plans on similar lines.

In a blog post, Nicole Herskowitz, director of product marketing for Cloud Platform at Microsoft announced that they are offering price reductions up to 17% on the latest version of the popular Azure D-series virtual machines, Dv2 Virtual Machines.

As part of our promise to deliver the best customer value on Azure, we have had a longstanding commitment to make our prices comparable on commodity services like compute, storage, and bandwidth relative to Amazon Web Services.

says the blog post.

Under the new plan, the D-series virtual machines will get a discount of 14 to 17 percent when they’re running Linux and by 10 to 13 percent if the operating system choice is Windows.

The post also draws interesting comparisons between the Azure cloud and AWS cloud, trying to establish the superiority of the former over the latter. For instance, it mentions the more value gained through Azure as Azure Dv2 instances – unlike AWS EC2 instances – have load balancing and auto-scaling built-in at no additional charge.

It also points towards the billing method of two services with AWS billing on hour basis even if the customers is using service for few minutes whereas Azure bills the customer on a per-minute basis.

The post mentions the other pricing plans for its Azure Compute Pre-Purchase plan, Azure Compute options and free Azure credits for the developers through the Microsoft Developer Network program.

Apart from the various pricing plans, Nicole also wrote about the value which Azure brings to its customers, for example, hybrid capabilities and the rich set of services spanning IaaS and PaaS.

The post also mentions the various big and small companies such as  Towers Watson, BMW and, which are using these application platform level Azure services to improve their business agility and gain competitive advantage.

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