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Microsoft Is Working On A Tool That Allows You To Test Internet Speeds, Straight From Bing

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In its drive to improve Bing and equip it with tools and utilities that enable it to — someday — stand shoulder to shoulder with Google, Microsoft is testing the integrations of a brand new internet speed tester with the search engine. The test allows you to find out nuances of your internet connection including your IP address, latency, download speed, and upload speed in a matter of clicks.

The Redmond giant doesn’t seem to be ready to elaborate on the topic just yet, sparking rumours that the widget is still in its test phase. Speaking on the topic to VentureBeat, a Microsoft spokesperson said,

We’re always testing new experiences for Bing, which includes the Speed Test experience. We have nothing further to share at this time.

The widget, spotted first by Windows Central, can be accessed by “Internet speed test” or simply “speed test”  in your Bing search. The search brings up a speed meter that can be used to check out the performance of your internet at a click.


Some users were also able to temporarily access the widget while using Bing on their smartphones. However, that may have been a temporary thing as efforts in the same direction failed, when tried later — strengthening the rumours of a rest phase for the tool.

Well, the widget is bound to prove handy and perhaps become a favourite as more and more users come to know about this easier way to test their internet speeds. Also, since the test can be accessed only via Bing, the search engine may just gain some popularity through this move.

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