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Ola launches Ola Corporate To Provide Travel Options For Enterprise Customers

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Following the footsteps of its western counterpart, Uber (Uber for Business), Ola has launched Ola Corporate for corporate travellers. It is aimed towards offering seamless mobility experience at a fraction of the cost for enterprise customers in 102 cities across India. 

Ola Corporate would make available a wide range of mobility use cases at a fraction of the cost as against the existing scheduled corporate travel options, along with benefits of a centralized, paperless billing system.

It offers enterprise customers, the flexibility and ease of hailing an Ola as and when required for business and pay from their company’s centralized pre-paid account.

With convenient app based bookings and ETAs of less than 5 minutes across all major Indian metros, Ola aims to cut the time wasted in waiting for scheduled transport. Centralized billing makes the entire process of applying for transport reimbursements redundant for corporate travellers and organizations resulting in improved business productivity.

Pranay Jivrajka, COO at Ola said,

With ‘Ola Corporate’, we are bringing the inherent benefits of Ola’s technology platform to simplify the way executives travel for business, at the click of a button on their Ola app. The corporate dashboard allows for improved efficiency and productivity for businesses, taking away the hassle of scheduling pickups and cumbersome billing and payment processes.

Fares for Ola Corporate are the same as standard rate cards for B2C and businesses stand to save as much as 60% on their travel costs with on-demand consumption.

The solution also enables corporates to customize ride policies for different groups of employees, as per the needs of the company, giving complete control of the entire process to the administration teams.

For executives, on verification by their employer for Ola Corporate, a new toggle option ‘Corporate Ride’ appears on the confirmation screen at the time of booking. On enabling this, the ride gets billed directly to the user’s corporate account, without the user having to pay the fare in cash or through Ola Money.

All in-app features like Share Ride Details, Emergency Contacts, SOS, Number Masking are active for users of Ola Corporate as well. Ola Corporate users can also choose from the wide range of categories across Ola Mini, Ola Sedan, Ola Prime and soon, Ola Share and Ola Shuttle as well in their cities.

A similar service was launched by Uber a year and a half ago in July 2014 to cater to the demands of travel by business organizations.

Uber claims that businesses can save over US$1000 ($1401) per employee annually on business travel by using Uber for Business and that they were seeing an increased adoption of the service due to its ease of use by especially small businesses which usually do not have expense management software.


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