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Apple Working On A New App To Help Users Move From iOS To Android : Report

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A piece of news has recently surfaced and skepticaled us — thats when you find something hard to believe — according to which Apple is working on a tool that will supposedly facilitate switching from iPhone to Android.

Ordinarily, such claims would likely be dismissed out of hand — Apple after all is one of the most possessive companies out there, and is known neither for playing nice with its competition, nor for encouraging its users to explore alternatives to its ecosystem.

Thats why news of an app helping users move from Apple to Android caught us by surprise. How could Apple sanction this? Well, if a telegraph report can be believed, European telecom operators could be responsible for this change of heart.

According to a senior industry source, Apple has privately agreed to develop a simple tool to help consumers shift datasuch as contacts, music and photos if they move to Android. Major European telecoms operators are concerned that only a tiny fraction of customers ever move off the iPhone, in part because of the technical hassle of transferring data. The operators fear that the lack of switching weakens their hand in commercial negotiations with Apple, which holds the mobile industry’s strongest card in the iPhone.

In fact, the company marked its entry to the Android market last year with an app called Move to iOs that allowed users to switch from Android to iPhone. Unsurprisingly, the very concept annoyed android lovers enough for the application to horde a collection of stars — in the form of 1 star reviews.

This attitude is in sharp contrast to most other platform developers, who besides often offering data portability, develop most of their popular applications for other platforms as well. While Apple has begun thawing on this account, its still a long way from expressing itself on rival app stores in a manner reminiscent of Google and Microsoft.


However it is Apple, the progenitor of iPhones with all its prejudices against other platforms, we are talking about. So until there is an official announcement from the company, we wouldn’t advice you to place your money upon anything.

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