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Google Patents A Meal-Based Medication Reminder System

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Google is well known for filing and obtaining patents of new technologies and systems every now and then. Though many of such patents never see the light of the day as independent systems, it does help us in getting insights onto what all tech are these tech giants envisioning.

The latest of such patents filed by Google is that of a meal based medication reminder system. The system is a wearable tech which will sense a pre-defined activity or movement  associated with a person ingesting food. Based on these inputs, it will send a reminder to the person to take required medicines at the time of the meal.

The patent was filed by two Google employees based in Israel- Asaf Zomet and Michael Shynar- in July 2014. It was recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The device is fed pre-defined activity data such as at least one of image data of portions of food, a motion profile, image data of portions of a cheekbone, image data of portions of utensils, a mapping service to look up a restaurant, an eating schedule, an eating time, ambient audio to determine co-presence of others who are eating, a blood sugar level, motion data, a database of coordinates of restaurants, and a trained classifier.

Based on this data, whenever the person is eating the meal, the device sensors detect various signals and match them with the pre-defined activities to make sure that the person is really eating the meal.

For example, it can detect the motion of the arms of a person using the spoon to eat the meal. The blood sugar levels or an image of a person’s face via a camera could also offer signals to the device.

The latest patent is another addition to the Google patents in the field of health-related technologies. Last year in November, Google had got a patent for a surgical system for removing living tissue with a laser that delivers high-temperature electromagnetic radiation.

The research in the health is carried out by the newly formed independent Alphabet company called Verily to focus on using technology to better understand health, as well as prevent, detect, and manage disease. The health research entity was formerly called Google Life Sciences which had spun out of Google X lab earlier last year.


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