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Apple Registers Multiple Auto Related Domains, Rumor Mill Points At Project Titan

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So Apple has gone shopping again and this time, it has picked up a bunch of automobile related domain names, sparking fresh debate over the super-secret, Project Titan.

As per the publicly available Whois records, which catalouges the registered domain names,,, and are now the property of the Cupertino giant. As for what it plans on doing with them, well that is completely uncertain at present, although a significant portion of the public opinion is clamouring it to be a bid to secure a virtual home for its car-making scheme — Project Titan.

Buying a domain name doesnt really mean that the company is going to use it. More often than not, the idea is to prevent anyone else from owning something that can be easily associated with the company by users. The company already has over 20,000 — and counting — domain names registered to it and i dont really think it is ever going to use all of them.

So ofcourse, the domains may just have been registered as a precautionary measure or even against a future need. Because all these cars in the names are certainly suggestive as the company labours to produce high-end, tech loaded electric vehicles.

As per Apple insider, the highly secretive project Titan is well into its advanced phase and is being worked upon at in Sunnyvale, California under the wings of a mysterious market research firm dubbed SixtyEight — thought to be a front for Apple itself.

The company supposedly, has set a shipping date of 2019 for the first of its cars. Also, if rumors that the company is tripling the cadre of personnels employed over Titan from 600 to 1800 are true, why then may just play host to a website in the near future.


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