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Ambrane Is One Of India’s Own Disruptor In The Portable Handheld Technology Space

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India has by and large been considered a world leader in software services. However, when it comes to the manufacturing segment of electronics, there are very few players in this space — born out of India.

One of the most notable causes for this hiccup is the fact that we still do not manufacture chips here in the country. And while steps are underway to install India’s first semiconductor manufacturing facility, it will be a lot of time before we see it in action.

However, that hasn’t stopped hardware companies in India to build and scale businesses. Ambrane India is one such leading home grown player in the segment and has become a well-known name in the consumer electronics segment within just 3 years of its inception.

Established in 2012 and based in New Delhi, Ambrane India provides tech and IT products such as Computer Peripherals, Tablets and Mobility Devices in India. It aims to offer the best of products & services at the most competitive prices globally.

The mission of the company involves bringing new electronic gadgets into a consumer’s everyday lives with leading edge technology that minimizes the gap between the users through the user interactive interfaces.

P-1001(w) (2)The excellence of Ambrane products is rooted in the profound research and development carried out by the company. The company engages in intensive research and carries out tests on its products through experienced and highly dedicated R&D experts before launching them into the market.

Ambrane not only provide the best quality, but also offersthe most competitive prices with an ethical business approach, premium quality services and prompt delivery schedules. In the year 2013, keeping their users need in mind, the company introduced an exclusive platform of pick & drop facility in collaboration with FedEx.

In order to reach more customers and expand the reach of Ambrane products, the company has also built an impressive online presence through its alliance with many e-commerce portals like Snapdeal, Flipkart, eBay, Shopclues as well as corporate endowments and major retail chains like Best Price & Spencers.

One area where it has made the most significant impact is on the power banks market. It provides superior technology in power banks at the nominal cost . Ambrane has almost covered the maximum percentage of power bank market in a short lapse of time. The power banks by Ambrane are made in India with high compliances & superb long lasting battery capacity to avail its customers at best. P-1100-600x600-1

While power banks form a major part of the Ambrane business, Ambrane has also ventured into manufacturing and selling of 2G and 3G tablets with calling and non calling competence and extra computer peripheral accessories such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, Wi-Fi Routers, Wireless Mouse, Wireless Keyboard, Smart TV Sticks.

It also offers smartwatches which is currently one of the hottest products among the modern electronic gadgets.

One of the major milestones of Ambrane India, which further testifies its image as one of the India’s most auspicious brands, is the certification recently received by the “Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). And this is just the beginning for the company as India is slowing warming up towards the Made in India products and Indian companies.

Moreover, there is an ever increasing demand at present for high tech electronic gadgets in the modern India. According to The Task Force Report (Source: Department of Electronics & Information Technology), the demand for electronics products is projected to increase to $400 billion by the year 2020 leading to a situation where the electronics import bill would exceed the oil import bill. In comparison, the projected production for electronics products in 2020 is expected to reach $104 billion, leading to a demand and production gap of $296 billion.

Clearly, there are plenty of opportunities waiting to be tapped in the electronics manufacturing space which have further got the push by the current government to boost the manufacturing scene in India. And Ambrane India has already got a head start with the immense popularity and wide acceptance of its diverse variety of electronics products.

This post is a part of our “Hardware India” series, wherein we cover and bring to light, India’s fastest growing hardware companies.



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