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Personal Safety Startup One Touch Response Launches “SAFE CALL” Monitoring Service In Delhi NCR

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One Touch Response, the personal safety assistance service which we exclusively covered a few months back, has launched a new feature within its app called SAFE CALL Monitoring service.

It is a monitoring service that provides an added assurance to its users while travelling through unknown neighbourhoods, commuting during day or night, or when on a long journey. Through the service, the OTR (One Touch Response)team provides regular check-in calls to update and ensure the user’s well-being, making it particularly ideal for women, when they are travelling alone at odd hours.

The service is launched keeping in mind the safety concerns with car-pooling & greater usage of public transportation especially for women with the introduction of the odd-even policy.

The  service can be activated via the OTR app by a subscribed user of the service. It uses the GPS on the smartphone to follow their whereabouts, and constantly checks on them via a call made to the user at regular intervals as pre-determined, up to the point the user reaches his/her destination safely.

When the OTR team senses an emergency, or cannot reach the user then its Immediate Assessment Teams (IATs), are activated to reach the user within 15 minutes. The IAT’s then remain with the user till the emergency is closed.

Manoj Chandra, CEO, One Touch Response says,

One Touch Response is the first of its kind service to combine a smartphone safety application with state-of-the-art technology, backed by on ground physical response assistance. We believe that such a complete offering, that is on the lines of services available in leading markets like the US, Europe and Israel, is the need of the hour, in response to rising safety and security incidents.

OTR is a technology driven personal safety and assistance service which provides Immediate Assistance and First Response services to over 12,000 private and corporate clients in Delhi and its neighbouring areas, whenever they are faced with any real life situation involving personal safety or situations where they require assistance.

These situations can range from life-threatening scenarios such as a stranger following at night to the situations like a flat tire or emergency medical needs at odd hours of the night.

On standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, OTR’s extensive network and database of vital services and professionals across Delhi and NCR, enables it to address all sorts of emergencies.

Through its dedicated mobile app, OTR provides One point contact for all situations; a 24X7 Command & Control Centre for safety tracking and immediate on-call assistance and guidance; On-ground Immediate Assistance Teams  which are stationed strategically across NCR (Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon), and Safe Call service.

In the event of any threatening situation, subscribers can get connected immediately to the 24×7 Command and Control Centre (C3)with just one touch of the alarm on the app. In the meanwhile, one of the nearest Immediate Assistance Teams is dispatched to be by the side of the subscriber within minutes.

The IATs are trained in self-defense, first aid, and evacuation techniques. They can administer CPR, tie up a bleeding, restrain an aggressor and ensure the well-being of the subscribers.

The system also has national level safety tracking and connectivity to verified resources, to help people in distress, across 1000+ towns and cities in India. OTR offers its package of services starting at an affordable $5 (INR 330 approx.) a month, making it ideal for common people.


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