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Circus Ponies- Creator Of Note-Taking App For Apple Shuts Down Business, Reportedly Sold Off To Alphabet

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In a rather surprising turn of events, Circus Ponies, the company which created the popular Notebook app for Mac OS and iOS Notebook has shut down its business.

The home page of Circus Ponies read, “It was a good run, but we are done (as in no longer in business).” However, what is more intriguing is that the page further read that the company “has gone to that great Alphabet company in the sky.” If that seems odd to you, then you are not alone as many experts are doubting if the company really went to Alphabet.

This is because the Alphabet link with .xyz domain, which the home page of the company points to, does not look authentic. Although it does look very similar to Alphabet’s website indicating that C is Alphabet now stands for Circus Ponies.

But, according to the MacWorld, Alphabet does not even own the .xyz top-level domain and anybody can register that domain name.Moreover, there has not been any official announcement from Alphabet itself. We’ve mailed Google for the same and will get back with an update.

The association of Circus Ponies with Apple products dates back to  1990s. It was started by former CEO of NeXT and vice president of Netcode at Netscape, Jayson Adams. Its Notebook app won “App of the Year” award from NeXTWORLD magazine in 1991.

And due to its popularity, it was rewritten and then released for OS X in April, 2003. It was then made available for the iPad also in 2010. Reportedly, the popular OneNote app by Microsoft is also built on the lines of Notebook app.

At present, it does not seem clear what to really make of the announcement of Circus Ponies. The app is no longer there, that is pretty clear. But whether it went to Alphabet really or not is not clear.

Some are expecting that it may just be an indication that Jayson Adams has taken a job at Alphabet. Because acquiring a company and then shutting down its business abruptly does not make much sense.


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