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2015 Saw 3.2 Trillion App Sessions, 58% Growth In App Usage : Report

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Mobile phone usage been growing at unprecedented rates and 2015 was no exception. The overall app usage grew by almost 58 percent with every category except Games — Surprise! — expanding in leaps and bounds to reach triple digit growth figures. Compared to 2014 however, the growth rate has declined by almost 18 percent.

As per data from Yahoo-owned Flurry, which tracks over 2 Billion devices every month, several very interesting trends were noticed. For example, a complete turn about in the growth pattern was noticed as a significant portion — 40% of the 58% — was thanks to the pre-existing users. Not only is this growth pattern in sharp contrast to the previous years 2014 (20%) and 2013 (10%), the figures are also significant as they mark a complete departure to the usual trend as compared to other major industries which usually attribute most of their growth to new users.

A significant portion of the growth may be attributed to Personalization apps — lock screen, theme etc. — which literally skyrocketed with app sessions increasing upto 344% of its initial value. News and Magazine came second with 141% growth in usage while Productivity applications came a close third with 119% session growth.

The growth trends are pretty much self explanatory. As the mobile phone becomes ever more indispensable and and sees more usage then almost any other electronic device, people are bound to customize it according to their personal tastes and needs.
Similarly with increasing processing power, more and more people are coming to depend upon the mobile for a variety of computing purposes including accessing mails etc. Also, the portability and the wide content available online is making it the favorite means for media consumption as well.

Interestingly — but unsurprisingly — the increasing media consumption fits neatly into the bigger picture alongside Phablets, which are being touted by
figures as the ultimate media consumption device — Thanks to their ability to combine portability with bigger screen size. Not only the growth in sessions for Phablets was over 4 times the growth on mobiles, but the time spent on them has also increased by 334% as compared to the 117% overall increase in time.

Keeping into mind the inter-relation of media consumption with phablets, the figures also serve to strenghten the notion of rapidly increasing media intake over mobile devices.

So what next? Well, if these figures are any indication, we can expect growth to be proportional to screen size this year as well. Again, nothing of a bolt from the blue, but perhaps not expressed in quite these terms before. All of us have probably happened to notice how smaller phones are disappearing and quickly being replaced by their larger screen cousins. Well, the trend is going to continue with small screen devices expected follow in the dinosaur’s wake in a couple of years.

Meanwhile, we leave you to absorb all the data you have just read and leave you a last piece to wonder at: The year 2015 saw the human population access a staggering total of 3.2 Trillion app sessions, over a variety of mobile devices! Someone, hand me a penny for every app session!!

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