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Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Personal New Year Goal To Build Jarvis Like Assistant

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You obviously remember the AI-powered personal assistant of Iron Man- Jarvis (if by any chance you don’t, just go home and don’t read this any further!). Well yeah, we all do and so does Mark Zuckerberg, who now plans to build a similar assistant to run his home and help him with his work.

In a Facebook post, Zuckerberg shared this personal goal for the year 2016, which carries a theme of invention for him. Mark said that the most rewarding work he did with the engineers at Facebook involved getting deep into the details of technical projects.

He gave the examples of working on technical details of projects such as internet.org (well, that certainly involves Mark in more than just technical work, I must admit), Oculus, and Messenger.

As these are the projects which are more specific to Facebook as a company (and in the case of internet.org, specific to the whole population of offline users in the world according to Mark), Zuckerberg said that this year he wanted to work on building something for himself.

It’s a different kind of rewarding to build things yourself, so this year my personal challenge is to do that. This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself.

wrote Mark.

He even gave a brief outline of how he would proceed on this goal. Initially, after exploring the already existing technology, Mark plans to teach it to understand his voice to control everything in their home such as music, lights, temperature and so on.

In addition to it, he would teach it to recognise the faces of people ringing the doorbell and allow them entry to the house. On the work side, he Mark plans to use his Jarvis to visualize data in VR to help him build better services and lead the organization more effectively.

Mark usually shares his personal goals and challenges through his Facebook page. Some of his recent challenges, aimed at learning new things and growing outside the work, involved learning Mandarin, meeting a new person every day, and reading two books every month.

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