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BioAsia Announces Commencement Of The 13th Edition Of Its Healthcare Programme From 8th February

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Digital Healthcare indeed holds an important role in the present context and an extraordinary promise for future. To further propel in this sector, BioAsia has announced the 13th edition of its healthcare programme, which will bring some brilliant brains from different countries on a single table for a fruitful discussion.

BioAsia 2016 will have a dedicated conference on Digital Health and Healthcare IT with the objective of providing a platform to enable cross pollination of ideas between tech companies, medical community, life sciences organizations and the startup community.

BioAsia 2016 is scheduled for February 8-10, 2016 and is organized by the Government of Telangana in partnership with the Central Government and Federation of Asian Biotech Associations at Hyderabad International Convention Center (HICC). The programme will be instigated with a theme of leveraging India to succeed globally and shall focus on connecting the dots to build stakeholder consensus and draw a distinct road-map to propel the sector growth.

With participation of over 700 companies representing over 50 countries each year, the event has truly evolved as a pre-eminent meeting in Asia.

India has emerged as a preferred destination for contract research and manufacturing activities, process reengineering and innovative R&D to act as a single destination with various enablers in place.

The country is aided by a large, highly skilled community of scientists and researchers. Additionally, the governments support in bringing a comprehensive IPR Policy, launch of Make in India and financial support programs, regulatory reforms, etc. are expected to further boost the growth for Life Sciences industry.

As per estimates, the sector grew at a CAGR of 6.7 per cent between 2010 and 2014 to touch $77 billion in 2014. It has been witnessing growth aided by cost-effective manufacturing, improved clinical capabilities, growing health needs of large population base, exports and increasing government support among others.

Given the enormous potentials and promise offered by the sector, the event will bring together the global thought leaders, pharma & biotech companies, diagnostic companies, technology companies, medical practitioners, CROs, entrepreneurs and investors to further push India towards a better version of itself.

Here are some of the key themes which will be the center of attraction for the scheduled discussion at BioAsia 2016 –

Drug Discovery and Innovation Conference – The global drug discovery industry is facing considerable challenges due to increasing costs, decreasing productivity, funding pressures and attrition of projects as they progress through the development process.

Companies and health organizations across the world are responding with extensive re-organization, restructuring and re-focusing in order to address the issues around R&D productivity, process inefficiency, project attrition and the increasing costs of taking a potential new drug to the market and to secure profits. The discussion in this context will aim to bypass these obstacles and conceive a way to promote drug discovery in India.

Clinical Research Conference – Once considered a global clinical trial hub, India has been facing a lot of challenges with the Clinical Trial Conduct, Approval and Regulation. Despite the many hurdles, the Indian clinical trial industry has a promising future and is poised to regain its position as the preferred destination to conduct Clinical Trials.

The discussion will address issues and challenges that remain pertaining to Clinical Research in India and how it is being perceived worldwide. Furthermore, the challenges and solutions for conducting clinical trials, the need-gap in the industry for clinical research in India and also insights on the best practices from across the globe, will be brought to the table.

Digital Health & Healthcare IT Conference – Despite the advantages of using advanced technology systems; greater technology adoption still faces its share of challenges. Currently, the IT budget for Indian hospitals does not exceed 10% of their revenues, which is substantially lower than what is allocated globally. Moreover, despite the long-term gains in efficiencies and costs that could be achieved, the initial high capital investments are likely to discourage organizations from considering investing in advanced technology systems presently.

The Digital Health & Healthcare IT Conference at BioAsia 2016 is expected to bring together the Life Sciences companies, healthcare players, IT companies and policy makers among other stakeholders to deliberate on various models that can seamlessly integrate technology and digitization in healthcare and Life Sciences.

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