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Mobikwik Descends Fresh App Update, Extends Wallet Usage Limit To 1 Lakh

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With people relying more and more on mobile wallets rather than cash or debit cards, Mobikwik thought it would be wise enough to extend the  credit limit for its digital wallet. As a result, Mobikwik has descended a fresh app update and has extended the monthly wallet limit from current Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh via the requisite KYC norm.

The new limit can be availed by using the ‘Upgrade Wallet’ feature visible on the MobiKwik Android app and fulfilling the know-your-customer (KYC) norm, which includes digital submission of identity and address proof.  With increased wallet limit users can transact more and shop with 50,000 MobiKwik retail partners.

mobikwik-tp-wallet-upgrade-1     mobikwik-tp-wallet-upgrade-2     mobikwik-tp-wallet-upgrade-3

Better Accessibility For The Visually Challenged

With the new update, Mobikwik claims to assist visually challenged people in a better way. Users can now enable the accessibility option on their smartphone to use this feature. As a part of those accessibility improvement features, the app can now render accurate navigation options via the text-to-speech output.

As the digital payments upstart works on further improving accessibility for the visually challenged, it is currently inviting users to test out the app and share their feedback. The company also plans to enroll select users as part of their beta testers program.

Another interesting feature that Mobikwik has brought aboard is a slot machine. Users who play, can try their luck at winning coupons. In future, users can expect to unlock more freebies and offers from the app’s slot machine.


Viewing invoices for past transactions are also much simpler now, where users with a single click on their transaction history can view a full invoice for their past transactions.

ImFeelingLucky2      iOS2
MobiKwik has also extended their new personalized and contextual wallet interface to the iOS app. With this update, the contextual home screen cards introduced on the Android app would also be visible on its iOS version.

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