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Is This How Video Calling Will Look Like On WhatsApp ?

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With over 900 Million subscribers, second only to its parent Facebook, WhatsApp is now looking to capitalise on that even further. The simple-yet-massively-powerful IM app is looking to get video calling onboard.

This year was an year of exceptions for Whatsapp — which has largely remained a simple to use, very effective IM app. Best and biggest of them all were the audio calling feature ((VoIP), web support, and the backup option with Google Drive. And now it seems like Whatsapp is also planning to introduce video calling.

A couple of leaked screenshots of the video calling feature of Whatsapp in an iOS device have emerged on a German blog According to the post on the blog, the new version of Whatsapp (v2.12.16.2) will enable users to make video calls over the Cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.

And unlike the past, this time, the new feature will hit the iOS devices first, followed by Android devices.

The leaked screenshots show a regular small preview window in which users can see their own face in a small window. This window overlaps on top of the video feed from the caller. There is also a mute button as well as an option to flip the camera between front or rear camera.


The version is also expected to bring the tab feature which will allow the users to switch between conversations without exiting the chat. The post also revealed that the Whatsapp developers were working on the design to make the trademark green theme of Whatsapp prominent in the iOS devices like Android.

There is no information regarding the release of the update, but it may be sooner than expected, at least in iOS devices which can get the feature in the next update. Nothing is confirmed though. We have mailed Whatsapp regarding the same, and will update the article once we get a reply.

All said and done, while video calling does seem like the next step for WhatsApp, one would not want Whatsapp to lose its touch of simplicity as a chat messenger, which made it popular in the first place, in favour of being loaded with new features.


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