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Google Is Reportedly Working On A Messaging Service Driven By Chat Bots

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If things go as planned, we might see yet another Google social networking attempt, this time in the field of instant messaging — also perhaps the most intelligent one from the search giant yet. In an effort to match up to the likes Facebook and others, Google is now working on a artificial intelligence based chat service which would be run by chat bots, reported WSJ.

Google’s efforts in social networking have been all but in vain. Google+ continued to stay a distant third or fourth in the social networking space, way, way, wayyy behind Facebook. The messaging feature Hangouts is hardly used by a fraction of users, and Orkut’s fate — well, you know what I’m trying to convey here.

This new IM service however, might actually be a hit, if it actually goes dow the way Google wants. Reports suggest, that this IM app will allow users to chat with their friends as well as post questions and search queries like they do in Google Search. These will be attended to by artificial intelligence enabled chat bots.

Instead of typing a query into Google’s search engine, users will type questions as text messages, to which chatbots will respond.

reported WSJ.

A user can make the chat bots book movie tickets or reservation in a restaurant based on the preferences discussed in the chat with their friends. The feature would direct users to relevant chat bots in a similar way the search results direct to relevant websites for information.

The feature does sound like a re-modelled version of Google Now. However, integration with a chat messenger equipped with artificial intelligence based chat bots, makes it look more like Facebook’s Messenger based personal assistant “M” which is still in experimental phase.

“M” however also takes into account human assistance along with AI to deal with complicated queries. This has made it an extremely efficient and accurate service according to some early reviews. For now, the search giant seems to be relying on its web search tech and artificial technology  to develop its chat service.

In addition to this, this service may also be opened by Google to third-party developers who can then build their own chat bots which can be integrated with the service.

Reportedly, the work on the service has been going on for almost a year now under the supervision of Nick Fox, VP of Communication Products. It is also rumored that Google even tried to acquire 200 Labs — the startup behind the chatbots on Telegram- for this project but the company rejected the offer.

Google however, has declined to comment on any of these reports. We have still mailed a few queries, and will get back once we receive a response.

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