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Secured E-Mail Client For Enterprises, Xgenplus Figures In Top Three Of DSCI Awards For Innovation

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Xgenplus, an enterprise class secured e-mail server, churned out by Jaipur based Data Infosys Limited, has recently been lauded by the Data Security Council of India at an event held on the15th of December, 2015.

The event, which took the form of a country wide competition with companies jousting across various categories, saw Data Infosys’s Xgenplus win its spurs after facing down tough competition from various products from hundreds of other companies, in the category DSCI Innovation Box –Most Innovative Idea of the Year.

The product was initially selected out of a host of other nominations, along with 12 peers for the second round, which involved a presentation of your product or idea to the jury and the judges. It was here that Xgenplus — an enterprise class email server, stood out among the top three, thanks to the excellent security and storage facilities offered by the server.

The software is unique in that it does not require any additional Hardware or Software, cutting down on both cost and effort on the clients part. Whats more, Xgenplus can be plugged directly into the existing IT infrastructure of your company.

Once the client is set up upon your system, you can easily manage and monitor multiple domains and users via a single panel and control stuff like space quota, SMS & fax quota, IP address range etc. The admin panel also allows you to set up automated alert and welcome messages while also giving you the option of delivering notices to all your users simultaneously, by using the Shoutbox feature.

The server grants admins the ability of staying on top by monitoring the emails of users across the breadth of your domain. Also, secure conversations can be held by sending encrypted emails that allow only the concerned people to decrypt and view them.xgenplus-logo

Moving on to the security, a state of the art antivirus coupled with an intruder tracker, allows you to get a good night’s rest. The IP based security system also lets you keep track of all activity with login IPs along with the relevant date and time. You can keep an eye upon those attempting to force their way into the system by tracking and issuing warnings after multiple login attempts and take conclusive action by blocking domains and addresses.

Once you choose to install this system, communication within your organization will likely go through a phase of streamlining. The server fulfils the need for all and any type of interaction including email, sms and even instant messaging — all in one place. You can even send faxes, without a fax machine!!

Apart from all these unique features, Xgenplus is also integrated with all the standard protocols, including IMap and POP3, allowing you to access your messages on popular mail clients including Microsoft Outlook. On the other hand, smart technologies such as intelligent compression and Single-Instance Storage reduced storage needs by eliminating repetitive data.

Finally, you can make your life easier by automating most tasks, from forwarding mails to downloading them at regular and pre-set intervals.

In short, everything you could ever ask for or need, while ruminating over a secure email client for your organization. With its host of unique features, its small wonder that it bagged the prize in the DSCI event. In fact, i think that if Xgenplus was even a little bit more intelligent — It would be writing poetry.

The server also boasts of a dedicated team of Support staff along with a robust security system, freeing you from any safety related concerns over even the most sensitive corporate data — and that is barely skimming the top layer.

Established in 1999, Xgenplus’s progenitor, Data Infosys is a prominent IT company that offers services across a wide spectrum including Internet, Networking, Web Technology and Software consultancy. The Jaipur based firm has provided quality services to almost 2.5 lac internet subscriber and over 250 corporate entities in India and abroad and is ranked 6th by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority in India) in its list of largest ISPs in India.

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