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LocalOye: Using Technology To Disrupt India’s Massively Scattered And Unorganised Domestic Services Sector

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The startup landscape in India has been witness to several tech coups in recent times, with emerging companies deploying innovative technologies to bring about changes in the way people do business.

One of those emerging segments, where serious disruption is required — home services. And that’s exactly where enters LocalOye — a home services platform that is rapidly disrupting the traditional way of doing things and consolidating the services sector of the country in the process, and in ways, unlike those numerous homes services marketplaces sprouting up in almost every Indian city.

Founded in October 2013 by Aditya Rao — a BITS Pilani graduate with extensive experience of working with startups — LocalOye sought to find ways of addressing some of the various issues faced by general populace and to use technology “to make their daily lives more efficient.”

So, how could that be done? And that too in a way that was a cut above from what others in the field were doing and at the same time, also capable of generating profits.

Well, LocalOye managed to find its calling by fixating upon the highly, ridiculously scattered services sector of the country. While talking about services, we mean plumbers, photographers, electricians, tiffin service and the like.

The Idea

While there are plenty of solutions for goods and products in the Indian virtual space, service providers? Not so many. Sure, e-commerce websites may have offered us the choice of making choices while purchasing stuff, but my father still has to call the same rude and expensive dude, every time the pipes start leaking. Why? Because he is the only plumber we know of in the area.

That is the kind of problem LocalOye has set out to address. LocalOye finds and catalogues service providers and allows you to access them via its app. Now while the modus operandi may resemble JustDial or other cataloging platforms, that is where the resemblance ends. Instead of merely providing you with the details of service providers associated with the requested service in your area, LocalOye connects you to the ideal service provider based upon your exact needs.

How it Works

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So, while searching for something — or rather, someone — on LocalOye’s app, you are asked for additional particulars such as the required time frame, and your budget instead of just your location. Once you have done that, the app matches your requirements with the providers listed in its catalouge and churns out a list in a couple of hours. After that, its a simple expedient of either contacting the individual merchant to further discussing your needs or get a LocalOye representative to jump in and help you out.

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So from a customer’s point of view, all you need to do is to download the app (Android and iOS) or log on to the website. You can then select the service that you might require – electrician, yoga instructor, beautician at home, tiffin service providers, photographers, etc.

After selecting the service the customer needs to give basic requirements like his address, the time when he needs the service along with the budget that he is looking at. Once the platform receives this information, LocalOye’s recommendation engine will automatically connect him with the ideal service provider within a matter of seconds. The engine will then make sure that the service is delivered at the promised time and place to the customer.

The Tech Behind LocalOye

One of the most remarkable things about LocalOye is of course the fact that, from connecting you to the perfect provider to ensuring that you get exactly what you pay for on time, LocalOye stays with you, all the way.

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Asked about how LocalOye ensures the maintenance of quality among the service provider it takes up, the company says

We at LocalOye, have designed a robust set of 45 parameters on which we test all our service partners. These parameters are primarily designed to execute a thorough background and quality check of all our service partners. LocalOye currently has 6,000 service partners who have gone through police record checks, court record checks, pan car & Aadhar card verifications, customer feedbacks, among others.

At the core of LocalOye’s technical heart sits a very unique rule engine that makes sifting through the over 6000 service partners listed with it, easy and accurate. The rule engine scheme is deployed over a python implementation and as per the company,

[..]it ensures that every customised service request that we receive gets automatically matched with ideal service partner who can match every requirement of our customer[…]

Further adding that,

It is an amazing tool which makes the lives of our operations team that much simpler.

responses-1LocalOye has described the workings of its rule engine by terming it as a “collection of name spaces” where each name space would act the part of a RPC (remote procedure call) in it’s Service Oriented Architecture. LocalOye can deploy this system to define rules for categories, SKUs, Promo Codes and even consumer queries on its platform. Efficiently Neat!

While LocalOye is well established as far as domestic services are concerned, it also has parallel operations in other niches including Home, Beauty, Health &Fitness, Education, Event and Online Consultancy — LocalOye plans to become the market leader in these sectors, in the near future while also realizing its goal of restructuring Services, as a niche.
The startup is also very keen, and working upon, improving its tech, including synchronization with its partners.

We are in the process of synchronising our partner’s calendars on our platform which will help us ineffectively managing his entire business.

Finally, LocalOye will also be deploying the data its constantly accumulating, to improve its partner recommendations.

The Road Ahead

With its sophisticated and well developed network as well as the niche it has chosen to make its own, LocalOye was bound to have attracted its fair share of investor attention, and so it has. The company realised its first round of funding with investment of USD 2,00,000 from leading angels including Sidharth Rao (founder of Webchutney), Haresh Chawla, former Network18 CEO, and Sachin Bhatia Co-founder, The company also secured VC funding of an impressive USD 5 million from Tiger Global Management and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Well, LocalOye is certainly doing the common user a great favor by providing them with ease as well as options for their day to day service requirements. Not only that, the service providers themselves are likely to benefit from enhanced work opportunities as reaching them becomes ever easier — assuming of course, that they can reach up to the strict standards set by the company.

Meanwhile, the next time you are scratching your head about a service, simply visit the LocalOye website or download its app for iOS and Android from the app store to find your best match.

Happy Hunting!

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