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Google Dedicates $1 Million To Fund More Grants For Independent Security Research For Drive

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Cloud storage continues to be seen as the biggest source of revenues in the coming years. Organizations are increasingly opting for various cloud services for their data storage needs, thus also inviting needs for a more robust security infrastructure in place.

Although Drive from Google still remains to be adopted by large enterprises on a large scale for data storage, recent efforts of Google towards improving Drive indicate towards the possible future path of Drive.

In another effort to increase security on Google Drive, Google has announced to commit $1 million to fund even more grants for independent security research.In addition to this, they will continue to offer up to $20000 to anyone who discovers any vulnerability and reports it to the team.

The end result of these ongoing efforts is a product that — unlike your garden-variety hard drive — actually gets better over time,”

wrote Kevin Nelson, Product Manager at Google Drive in the blog post.

This is an extension to an experimental program which Google had launched earlier this year to reward the independent security researchers.The program was called Vulnerability Research Grants and it was in complement to their Vulnerability Reward Program.

Under the program, Google had announced to reward the security researchers of their products and services even if they don’t find any vulnerabilities. And if a vulnerability is found, then also they will be eligible for an additional reward under the Vulnerability Reward Program.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the vulnerability research program of Google involving independent researchers, Google has its own team of top security professionals working under a program popularly called Project Zero. Their focus is on finding security vulnerabilities in Google’s software products like Google Chrome.

However, Project Zero had also famously exposed many security vunerabilities, more notably in Apple OS X and Microsoft’s Windows OS.

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