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Snapdeal Plans To Offer Its Services In 11 New Indian Languages By January Next Year

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E-commerce is indeed the hottest business in Indian periphery and at the same time, is no less than a cut throat battle for all the players involved. Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon, the top giants in this area of business, are using every nerve within their system to device a strategy that would help them have an advantage over each other.

In another such move, Snapdeal is planning to offer its services to its customers in 11 new Indian languages. This is indeed a very appropriate step, especially because of the primary location of business for Snapdeal — India.

India is a nation of infinite diversity, with hundreds of languages being spoken in even more different dialects.

Keeping this difference in mind, Snapdeal is blending India languages to their services and plans to target 130 million more users which have been left out because of that English disconnect. The move is aimed to appeal to the Indian consumer that has internet access but is more comfortable in transacting in a native language other than English.

We can expect Amazon and Flipkart to follow up with this strategy, a phenomenon which usually happens among giants in any segment. Survey says that only 10% of Indians speak English, while around 30% of Indians have access to the internet.

Moreover, there is a large number of people that are acquainted with state or local language and are likely to shift to a smartphone. This move extends the possibilities of those people to shift to e-commerce and use Snapdeal for purchases.

Snapdeal plans to implement these changes around Republic day next year. 11 languages that Snapdeal silly offer are yet unknown. We will let you know soon.

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