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Ola Introduces Ola Share In Delhi Around Scheduled Implementation Of State’s Odd Even Rule

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At a time when Delhi is too occupied in discussing the feasibility of odd even rule, which is scheduled to be implemented on trial basis from January 1 next year, Ola has made some amendments to its fare payment system. Titled as Ola Share, the new feature will let Ola users in Delhi to split their fare with people they travel with during the trip.

This feature is likely to get famous among business groups and daily car users, who will have to seek alternates post implementation of the new odd even rule. The new feature will let people to collectively travel to their common destination and pay the fare in equal parts post the trip.

Ola will definitely see a hike in its regular user base with this new law coming on Delhi roads, and this far sharing policy will allow a smooth transition for users. The fare, at a time,  can be shared among 3 people only.

Notably, this feature is not something that we haven’t earlier heard of.  Uber, Ola’s rival when it comes to business, has already been offering this feature to Delhi commuters. Moreover, Ola Has been experimenting this feature in Bangalore and received tremendous acceptance from customers and driver partners in the city as per Ola’s claim.

As a part of promotion, customers in Delhi-NCR stand to benefit from a flat 50% discount on Ola Share fares over the coming month.

Ishan Gupta, Head, Ola Share said-

We are excited to bring Ola Share to Delhi NCR at a time when the citizens and the government are taking a massive step to reduce on-road congestion. Ola Share will help citizens travel in the comfort of social groups they are part of, with convenient access from the Ola app. Ola is committed to building mobility for a billion Indians and with the launch of Ola Share in the national capital, we are taking a major step in that direction.

A user can join multiple groups or simply choose to share a ride with anyone. Users can also request creation of groups with due email verification. As soon as a user requests a Share ride on the Ola app, they will be matched with other users from their groups along their way. Moreover, only CNG vehicles will be utilized for Ola Share bookings within Delhi.

Ola Share will appear on the Ola app as a separate category. On sharing the drop location, the Ola app uses advanced algorithms to match users from common social groups, looking for a cab on the same route, in real time. When additional users en-route are identified, the driver’s device gets an alert with navigation to their pickup location within minutes, to join the ride.

A maximum of 3 people can share a cab together via Ola Share. All of Ola’s safety features including Track your Ride, Share Ride Details, SOS, Emergency Contacts, 24×7 Customer Support and In-trip feedback are available on Ola Share as well.

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