Google Updates Now On Tap, Track Flight Status, Delivery Schedule And More

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Google’s Now On Tap feature has received some cool new upgrades. The company made an announcement to that effect today, adding that the feature was now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Korean as well.

Launched with Android Marshmallow, Now On Tap has quickly become one of the more popular goodies packed with the latest version of Google’s operating system. The feature can be accessed by pressing down upon the home button while on any screen.

Google then searches the web for information associated with whatever is on your screen and displays the results to you, which can include, but is not limited to, info about people, places, movies etc.

For example, if you were discussing a famous painting or a new movie with a friend, you could somply press down on the home button to get instant info on the topic, without ever having to leave the conversation.

Now, Google has taken things up a couple of notch by adding live tracking to the app. Using the feature, you can track friends and family, simply by pressing down on the home button while at a screen that contains their flight details — A message or a mail for example — or even a package that you have ordered online. Definitely handy!

Finally, you can use Now On Tap while reading new articles to get links to other content on the same topic. The feature will also let you see a brand new share icon, which can be used to share whatever is upon your screen without ever having to exit.

Well, with Now On Tap here, it seems like Microsoft’s Cortanna is in for a tough fight.


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