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Twitter Issues Warning Message To Some Users For Possible State-Driven Hacks

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As fight against what appears to be possible state-backed securities breaches, Twitter has warned some of its users that their accounts may have been hacked and recommended them to take necessary security measures.

A few Twitter users tweeted out an email they got from the social network’s security staff, in which they were warned of cyber-attacks on their account from what the team suspected to be a state-sponsored group.

This is believed to be the first time that Twitter has warned its users of possible hacking from governments.

Twitter happens to be a hub for thousands of journalists, political dissidents and other opponents, which makes it a perfect target for such breaches to garner sensitive data.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been conducting rigorous check in this matter. Most of the people targeted by the attack are known activists and security researchers, and most are living in western countries.

Until now, Google and more recently Facebook have been the only two companies that have warned users of possible state-sponsored attacks. Back in 2012 Google became the first company to start providing security warnings for those who it believed had been the targets of state-sponsored spying.

Cyber attacks have become a growing concern, with several major hacks exposing data from millions of users over the course of 2015, and companies have been ramping up their efforts against the growing threat.

Twitter recommended users to stay safe by using Tor for most of their online activities, but also consulting the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Protecting Yourself on Social Networks” guidelines.

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