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Narendra Modi And E-Commerce The Most Searched About On Web By Indians, Says Facebook

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We are in the last month of 2015 and it is time for a look back at the events and people who hogged the limelights and grabbed the most attention by people. And as has been the usual case, Facebook has rolled out a list of topics, most searched for by global internet users.

In this digital age, obviously, Facebook is the best place to know what was brewing on the minds of people around the year. Rightly so, along with a global chart, Facebook recently came up with its Year In Review chart for India as well. The list consists of both people and events which were most frequently mentioned in Facebook posts between January and December 2015.

And the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emerged on the top of that list followed by another most talked about phenomenon E-Commerce. After his thumping win in elections last year, this year too, Modi continued to be the favorite taking point of people in various contexts. His visit to Silicon valley was one of the most talked about events in the country.

People were also seen debating about the working of current government, questioning the foreign visits of PM, applauding his efforts to put India on a World Map, and of course, his efforts on Digital India, MakeIndia etc were noticed as well.

With the increased rivalry among top e-commerce players and new players expanding in specialized e-commerce, the year also witnessed an increase in online shopping. This led E-commerce become the second most talked about point in India.

The year 2015 will also be remembered as the year when one of the leading visionaries and an inspiration for millions of people, APJ Abdul Kalam left this world forever. Social media witnessed a downpouring of heartfelt messages and gratitude to the Missile Man who remains and will remain one of the most loved Presidents of the country.

Another event which shook not only India but the world this year was Nepal Earthquake which claimed millions of lives. The whole world chipped in and social media played a vital role in many instances of people reaching to help the victims of the tragedy.

Passion for Cinema and Cricket in India is unrivalled and it was evident in the top ten topics of Year in Review as well. Cricket World Cup and Indian Premiere League occupied the 7th position reflecting the minds of a cricket-crazy nation.

Baahubali, the Indian cinematic visual enthralled the viewers across the world and on social media, occupying the 4th position in the list. Salman Khan at number 6 and Deepika Padukone at 9th position were other additions to the list from Cinema.

If there is anything apart from Cricket on which everyone has an opinion in India, it has to be politics and when that politics involves Bihar…well you can imagine.. And rightly so, Bihar Elections were one of the top ten talking points on Facebook occupying 8th position in the Year in Review list.

The debates surrounding OROP(One Rank One Pension) involving army professionals also generated a lot of buzz among people on social media as Indian Army was listed at the 10th position.

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