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Sudhir Menon, Atul Hegde Set Aside $50 Million Fund For Early Stage Investing, Mentoring

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Indian startup ecosystem might be witnessing a rather slowing down in the number of investments as compared to the initial outburst of capital infusion and over the top valuations, investors still however, continue to repose their faith in budding entrepreneurs and real-world problem solving ideas.

As a fresh indication of that reposed faith, Sudhir Menon, Chairman and MD at Dorf Ketal Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd, and Atul Hegde, CEO of To The New Ventures, a leading digital marketing firm have launched a VC fund, Rainmaker Ventures, reports ET. Rainmaker Ventures recently announced the closure of its first venture capital (VC) early stage fund worth $50 million. It will have a presence in India, the US, Brazil and Singapore — pretty much covering up almost all of world’s biggest centers of innovation at the moment.

Rainmaker Ventures is looking to invest in the region of $150,000 to $1 million. It is planning to invest in 10 companies in the first year and is expected to announce its first investment by the end of 2015 and another by Feb 2016.

As far as sectors of investment are considered, the firm would remain objective.

We are sector-agnostic. If any good idea comes up, we will be more than happy to put money in it,

said Atul Hegde.

Both the co-founders have set the fund from their personal savings. The duo is looking forward to not just providing capital to the startups but also focus on providing mentorship and advice to develop a strong business on the ground level.

 We strongly feel that early-stage start-ups need full time mentoring as much as they need capital. I have seen most start-up businesses fail to move on to the next stage due to a lack of real-life business experience,

said Atul Hegde. 

Simply infusing capital is not the only requirement.We want to create a value-establishment—one that creates and nurtures real businesses in today’s virtual world.

he added.

As per Sudhir Menon, the recent trends of investments in the startup ecosystem have been overly focussed on anything tech based and that scenario would soon get a reality check. 

In the end, it’s real business that counts. Rainmaker Ventures will focus on helping budding entrepreneurs build a strong business. We believe that is the only way to ride and survive this startup wave.

said Sudhir.


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