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Google Makes Searching On Drive Super Easy

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Google has made the searching for the files in Google Drive “super easy” by improving the search functionality in the Drive app across all devices.

When you store important files in Google Drive they’re not only safe, they’re accessible from any device. And finding them again from any device should be super easy so we’re rolling out a new search experience to get you better results — even faster.

wrote Steen Andersson, Group Product Manager of Google Drive in a blog post announcement.

After the new improvements take place, users will be able to search the files by file type (spreadsheet, doc, pdf, etc) from the search box on Android, iOS or Web regardless of the device from which file was generated.

iOS users can search their files directly from home screen using 3D force touch. They can also search the files using iOS search bar without opening the Drive app.

There is also an advanced search menu which can be opened directly from the search box. It can be used to narrow down the search further and search the shared files by the name or email address of the file owner.

The “behind-the-scenes improvements”, as Google calls them, also allow the users to search their files on the basis of the date on which a file was modified, words it contains, or who it was shared with.

The new features will be rolled out gradually in the coming weeks.


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