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Google Seizes Nexus 6 Sale Through Play Store

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After a year of its official roll out, it seems that the good days for Nexus 6 are about to die, with Google today pulling the chord over its sales through Play Store.

Well, it’s no surprise to see Nexus 6’s glorious days diminished. Google had been planning this for a while and launched Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P on the sidelines for a smooth transition. All that you could do on a Nexus 6 can now be done on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, and you also get to avoid the extra large display that Google’s largest smartphone brought along.

However, if you have some emotions attached with the smartphone, you can still buy it via third party sellers like eBay and Amazon.

The Motorola-made device was Google’s largest phone to date. Moreover, the price for the phone made it close to impossible for everyone to afford. This left Nexus 6 in a very odd position, with people not easily making up their minds to buy this 6 inch phablet kind smartphone.

Until September, Nexus 6 was also the only device capable of running Google’s experimental Project Fi mobile internet service. Now Fi works with both the 5X and 6P, yet another reason why Google has eventually faded out the smartphone.

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