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ShopClues Invests In HeyBiz, A Real-Time Mobile-Only Platform To Connect Users With Businesses

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HeyBiz, a mobile application which connects both users and businesses on mobile with real time chat, has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from ShoplClues.

The fresh funds will be deployed by the company to enhance its product further and expand its market base in cities across India. HeyBiz Founder and CEO, Bhartesh Chhibbar said,

We are excited about the new partnership with ShopClues as we see a big overlap in our respective brand ideologies and vision. With the capital infusion, we are confident that we are one step closer to realising our goal of making HeyBiz the market leader in the Sales-Marketing-Support platform for our businesses and the one-stop mobile shop for our users.

HeyBiz was launched in January 2015 by Bhartesh Chhibbar who, as the Co-Founder and Head of Engineering had previously developed technology for RockeTalk- India’s first mobile social Networking Application. HeyBiz is a new, revolutionary way for businesses to provide Sales-Marketing-Support (SMS)on smartphones at any time and from anywhere.

It connects both users and businesses on mobile with real-time chat. Users can do one-click searches, connect, follow, chat and get the queries answered from nearby businesses or services without sharing mobile number.

On the other hand, business owners can use this as a powerful tool to create and maintain a mini business profile on their smartphone. They can update users with latest upcoming sales, promotions or new service launch in just a few clicks.

Sanjay Sethi, CEO & Cofounder, ShopClues, said,

In this digital era, we are glad that someone is there to bridge the chasm between customers and local businesses. In HeyBiz, we saw the potential to become the one-stop platform to mend this gap.

The ease of use of the app and the reliable information that it accumulates and disseminates about businesses makes this a promising venture that’s only likely to grow in the future. So, we decided to lend this 10-month old company the financial impetus that can really enhance its reach and operations.

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