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Samsung Agrees To Pay Apple $584 Million In Landmark Patent Battle

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The ongoing patent dispute between Samsung and Apple took another interesting turn this week as the South Korean company in a court filling yesterday, formally announced its intention of paying Apple the $584 million ordered by the court in damages, but at the same time withheld the privilege of repealing for getting a portion — where the said portion may extend up to one hundred percent — back.

The case, which was initiated by Apple — with Steve Jobs at its Helm — was a result of the company’s objections to Google supposedly copying and basing its Android on the iOS operating system. However, since Google gave away Android for free to any and all takers, there wasnt really anything Apple could do about it.

Well what was Apple to do? After all, somebody must be made to pay for what according to Apple, was tantamount to stealing its very own hard work. So after realizing that Google was out-of-bounds, Apple decided to target Samsung instead — which at the time was deploying the Android platform to rapidly eat into Apple’s market share.

The case was brought to the courts in 2011 — when a jury initially ordered Samsung to Pay Apple $1 Billion in damages — and since then has seen a string of appeals and repeals on the part of the tech giants. Eventually, perhaps tiring of the ever mounting legal hassles, both sides agreed to fight things out in the US.

Well, things have changed quite a bit from then. Not only has the amount of damages Samsung must pay have been almost constantly dipping with time, the case has also lost much of its former importance. At the time when Apple brought the case into the courts, Samsung had overtaken it to become the world leader by unit sale volume. However, Apple was a close second and the result of the case may just have tipped the balance in either camp.

Well, the intervening four years have seen a reversal of fortunes and the iPhones sales are growing by the quarter with Samsung on the backfoot. That being said, Apple may be quite willing to settle for the $584 million Samsung is shelling out and get out of the tangle this case has turned out to be. However, if the Korean giant reserving the right of repealing to get the sum back is any indication, it seems like Samsung counts writing the said check as a temporary setback, rather than a permanent defeat.


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