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Samsung Files Yet Another Patent, This Time For A Foldable/Rollable Device

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Samsung’s love for devices that can be folded, twisted, rolled or otherwise manipulated is nothing new. Well, the South Korean company has recently filed yet another patent application pertaining to the field but, in a first, this patent is all about the interaction side of the screen twisting.

As per the patent, the folding or rolling action — depending upon the device in question — should do one of several possible things, nearly all of which are concerned with triggering interaction with at least one other application.

The potential uses of this, are ofcourse many and varied.


For example, you could check out the details of any notification by simply folding a corner of your device and letting it fall back into place once you are done. The patent also makes claims to cases when the device lets you access your most used applications on being folded, or even decide upon a list of applications, which would come up on folding.

From what we can see of the patent though, folding would be permitted only along certain lines — the device would be pre divided into two screens which would usually behave as a single one, however you would have the option of folding them in response to or to trigger certain events.

The patent also mentioned a device which could be rolled up — rather like a scroll. Here again, a lot of focus is given to the interaction part. The company has mentioned a case where placing your fingers upon an icon in the rolled up state would trigger it while unrolling.

Well, apart from patents, so far nothing concrete has come up to claim our attention in support of an impending release of a foldable device. However, the fact that Samsung — which probably has more patents to its name in the niche than any other — seems to be focusing on the interaction of such devices, perhaps means that something along the lines of a foldable/rollable gadget may grace us in the near future.

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