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Nokia’s Advanced VR Film-making Platform Ozo Goes Up For Pre-Orders, Starts At $60K

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Virtual Reality is quickly becoming the new rage. And with Nokia’s step into this field with its Ozo concept, the company — rather than using VR for powering up gadgets — is getting VR into mainstream movie production.

Announced in late July this year, Ozo — pegged to be the most advance VR filmmaking platform yet — is going official today.

The device comes with a massive price tag of around $60K, putting it out of range of backyard photographers — unless ofcourse, they are like super rich backyard photographers.

Anyways, moving to Ozo — which is being hailed as the first VR cam for professionals — is capable of capturing 360° spherical video and 360×360 surround sound to create content that is super immersive and also compatible with all your VR toys.

Lets take a look at what makes this possible.

Ozo at first glance, looks nothing like your standard camera — being bulkier and lets say, just a bit fantastically shaped. However, it can be mounted upon a standard camera tripod just as easily and also supports wireless operation, thanks to in-built batteries.

Moving to the lenses, the device sports fully eight 2k x 2k sensors, each of which come with a 195° field of view, adding up to a full 360° x 180° coverage area. The frames-per-second though, is relatively modest and has been kept at recording at 30 fps.

OZO captures stereoscopic 3D video through eight (8) synchronized global shutter sensors and spatial audio through eight (8) integrated microphones. Software built for OZO enables real-time 3D viewing, with an innovative playback solution that removes the need to pre-assemble a panoramic image ­­- a time-consuming process with solutions currently in the marketplace.

OZO’s filmed content can be published for commercially available VR viewing hardware such as head mounted displays (HMDs), with immersive, full 360-degree imaging and spatially accurate original sound. OZO also integrates into existing professional workflows and works with third-party tools, dramatically simplifying content production at all stages.

The device also packs a VR render, which can be used while live broadcasting.

Well, performance wise the device is certainly miles ahead of any competition. However, the stuff others in the field, such has Samsung backed Bublcam with its $800 camera, have on offer is quite more affordable.
That being said, Nokia has made it abundantly clear that it means Ozo for professionals rather than amateaurs — probably one reason why it didnt face any scruples while putting all those zeroes on the price tag.

The Ozo VR camera is available for pre-order, and is expected to ship by the first quarter of the next year.


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