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Sony’s PS4 Brings The Locked 7th Core Into Play, Further Outstrips The Already Lagging Xbox One

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The war raging between gaming platforms manufacturers Microsoft and Sony has taken another interesting turn as Sony’s current champion against Microsoft’s Xbox One —  PS4 — has undergone another significant performance upgrade, making life even more diffcult for Microsoft.

Despite the fact that both the consoles are similar in their use of an 8-core AMD processor, Sony’s PS4 had been consistently getting the better of Microsoft’s Xbox One. The reason behind this disparity was the differing hardware employed by the manufacturers while designing the consoles. However, short of travelling back in time and undoing their choices, Microsoft engineers did everything possible to bridge the performance gap.

Just last year, the Xbox One got a significant performance boost when it unlocked the 7th core on its processor as well as more GPU bandwidth. However, not only did the boost came at the cost of several important features, including the voice commands and the Kinect functionality — which had to be disabled –the Xbox one performance, after all these improvements, still couldn’t quite match that of the PS4 with games running at lower resolutions on the former as compared to the latter.

Well, to further complicate things, reports that Sony has caught on to Microsoft’s unlocking-the-7th-processor trick and has unveiled a brand new SDK to its developers that will allow them to take advantage of the 7th processor as well. As a result of this move, we can expect the PS4 to gain a performance boost that will further increase its advantages over the Xbox.

Well, the war rages on and while the PS4 seems to have the upper hand now, it is quite too early to think that the Xbox One is out of the competition just yet. Do note though, that Microsoft’s options are quite limited at this junction. S

tuck with and limited by its early hardware choices, the company’s strategy for now would probably be to ensure that the Xbox One players have access to more games — or rather, more exclusive games — than the Playstation 4 gamers. After all, resolution and performance are not the only deciding parameters and though certainly a couple of rungs under the PS4, the Xbox One is no pushover on these, either.


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  • Are you really making an article on this?
    What prompted this, your boss needs you to sling more articles? You’re actually a complete moron?

    “Sony has caught on” is the most absurd part of the article.

    Let me guess, you probably also wrote about how the PS3’s BluRay feature was so great, when they never utilized that feature for their games.

    I clicked your article, you’ve won.