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Snapdeal’s Machine Learning Lab To Churn Out An Image-Search Feature Named SnapSearch

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In line with its $100Mn commitment earlier, to develop e-commerce targeted Machine Learning products,  Snapdeal has now come up with an image search feature called SnapSearch.

SnapSearch is going to be an iteration of Findmystyle, a machine learning based feature to aid in searches, which was recently launched by Snapdeal post its acquisition of Findmystyle.in.

With the help of SnapSearch, users will now be able to upload the pictures of items they want on the Snapdeal website and search for the similar or same items available on the platform. The feature will go live in the next couple of days and initially will be available for watches, women fashion, some categories of men’s fashion etc, and other categories will soon get the feature in near future.

The feature won’t be limited to customers only and sellers can also use SnapSearch to check similar inventory, check success of  a particular product or carry out proximity-based searches. 

There is a lot which can be done through this feature, it all depends on how well it is used,

said Anand Chandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer at Snapdeal in an interview to ET.

It is noteworthy that its closest rival Flipkart already has a similar service for quite some time now. In fact, Snapdeal perhaps is one of the last major e-commerce companies to roll out an image search feature as many other companies like Craftsvilla, YepMe and Voonik have already rolled out image search on their respective platforms.

Almost all the major e-commerce companies are constantly innovating and developing their technology and bringing out new features in order to attract customers. These features are largely based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and of lately deep vision for image search features.

This year Flipkart introduced Ping, a new chat feature embedded within the app, which lets you ask your friends when you’re puzzled while shopping. Myntra, owned by Flipkart, also launched a separate fashion brand Moda Rapido powered by artificial intelligence.

To catch up on the technology front, Snapdeal announced a massive $100 million investment into developing its Multimedia Research Lab in Bengaluru. The recent new features including Findmystle and SnapSearch are the products from this lab only.

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