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Amazon Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage For $5 A Year In Black Friday Deals

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Soon after Microsoft pulled off its unlimited cloud storage offer stating too many obvious reasons, Amazon has come up with an interesting limited period Black Friday deal and is offering unlimited cloud storage for merely $5 a year and unlimited photos and videos storage for $1 a year.

The new deal allows users to sign up for a $5 deal which will give access to Amazon’s cloud storage with no cap which is really a cheap cloud hosting solution. Notably, this is a limited time offer and regular charges $54.99 will be applied after the trial period — that is one year — as and when it expires.

The other deal that Amazon is ready to strike, requires users to pay only $1 and will allow them access to Amazon’s cloud storage for storing unlimited photos and videos. You can also store documents upto 15 GB under this plan. The same time cap also applies to this deal.

The offers come as cheap as they could be and would be perfect if you are looking to store files for a year at almost no cost. You can either subscribe to regular rates thereafter or just move your necessary files somewhere else.

Earlier this month, Microsoft terminated the unlimited cloud storage to its Office 365 subscribers, replacing it with a new 1 TB cap. The reason being stated for the change by Microsoft is that too many users were taking advantage of the unlimited space to store entire movie collections, hours of recorded video, and entire PC backups.

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