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Sony Is Working On An App To Let Users Stream PS4 Games To Mac And PC

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According to President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, an app which will allow PS4 owners to stream their games onto their giant screens of Mac and PC, is finally on its way.

Remote Play has been the most underrated feature of PS4, largely because of its compatibility with other devices. Remote Play is currently limited to various Sony devices, including the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV and newer Xperia-branded smartphones and tablets.

The new feature doesn’t sound as surprising as it should be. An unofficial application was already rolled out on sale earlier. Post the unofficial release, people started flooded Sony with questions if they intend to launch an official version., and here it comes.

The app should bring Sony in line with Microsoft, which launched Xbox One streaming functionality alongside Windows 10.

The question that arises, is whether the game play experience will be good enough. The latency and image quality depend on the robustness of your local network.

Sony will also have to tweak PS4 controller a bit to improve connection with PC and Mac. Nevertheless, this is the first step to bring PS4 games to larger screen.

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